DOGPOUND | Authorization for Recurring Payments

Authorization For Recurring Payments


When will payments be charged and how much will be charged?

The amount that is charged will be for the amount of the payment that is due listed below, plus up to $1,620.00 in applicable amounts for sales tax, late fees, past due fees, or other fees that are due to DOGPOUND under the Terms and Conditions.

Your membership payments will be the follow plus the amounts listed above, if applicable

  • GOLD Tier Monthly: $708.00 Monthly (plus up to $31.86 sales tax if applicable)
  • GOLD Tier Annually: $8,000.00 Annually (plus up to $360.00 sales tax if applicable)
  • BLACK Tier Monthly: $3,333.00 Monthly (plus up to $149.98 sales tax if applicable)
  • BLACK Tier Annually: $36,000.00 Annually (plus up to $1,620.00 sales tax if applicable)

Upon application approval, the automatically charged payments will start on the first date of processing and will reoccur every 30 days (monthly payment plan) or every 12 months (annual). Until this date, you are responsible for making the payments required under the Terms of Use and these payments will not be automatically charged to your card. You will be charged either monthly or annually, as applicable, on the same day of the month or year listed above.

If a payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment may not be processed until the next business day.

By signing this Authorization, you authorize the recurring charges to your account by means of either debit card payment, or credit card payment.

Can DOGPOUND charge your account for an amount outside this range?

You authorize DOGPOUND to charge account for any amounts that are due to DOGPOUND under the Terms and Conditions. No prior notification will be provided to you of the date of the charge or the amount of charge unless the date changes or the amount is outside the range, in which case you will receive notice from DOGPOUND at least 10 days prior to the payment being collected.

How are returned/dishonored payments handled?

If your payment is returned or dishonored by your bank or card issuer, you may be subject to additional fees set forth in the Terms and Conditions. DOGPOUND may attempt to re-run the cards payment as many times as permitted by law or card network rules.

What if your account information changes?

You agree to notify DOGPOUND in writing of any changes to the account information you have provided. If this information changes, and you do not tell DOGPOUND, your payment may not be processed, and you may have to pay additional fees listed in the Terms and Conditions.

How will you receive receipts?

Each time DOGPOUND processes a payment, DOGPOUND will provide you with a receipt. If you elected to receive electronic disclosures, that authorization will be extended to these receipts and DOGPOUND will provide you with receipts electronically using the email address you enrolled with DOGPOUND. If you have changed your email address, please update your email address below in the section entitled “Electronic Receipt”.

How can you stop automatic charges to your card?

This authorization shall remain in full force and effect until it is revoked, in writing, by you. Send an email to to revoke this authorization. If you choose to stop making automatic payments, you must tell DOGPOUND at least 3 days before the scheduled payment date.

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